The website contains a number of blogs on various topics. The purpose of the blogs is to provide relatively brief comments or tips on specific pediatric topics. Longer articles can be found on the medical articles page. You can read the blogs at your leisure or “jump” to a specific section to see if I have written something on a topic of particular interest.

Bronchitis is usually a viral infection

Most episodes of bronchitis do not require antibiotics because they are caused by viral infections. Parents become understandably concerned if their children are coughing and often notice a chesty “rattle” when their kids cough. Although this may be due to mucus that...

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Band-Aids Can Be Choking Hazards

In most doctors’ offices, children get blood counts and lead tests at nine months and two years of age. After the finger poke is done, a lab technician will put a bandage on the child’s finger to stop the bleeding. Young children do not like finger pokes....

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