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The Washington Post is the only national newspaper I know of that has a regular section for kids. In addition to my columns, KidsPost publishes articles on sports, current events, and lots of other subjects. If you click below, you’ll be able to read all of the articles I have written for the paper. You can share them with friends or family members and might even be able to use some of them for school reports.

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Life Is Gross Column

This column started with the November 2010 issue of Jack and Jill Magazine. It consists of true/false questions on gross, science- and health-based topics. Have fun reading the questions and answers. You can even quiz your friends and families to see what their Gross IQ is!

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Gross Stories (for kids of all ages)

In addition to writing books and articles for kids, I love to tell gross stories to my patients. These stories are fun to read and share with your friends. If you have a story that is gross, funny (and true), please send it to me below. You will need your a parent or guardian’s permission.

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