Fever management for children who can’t (or won’t) take oral medication

In a recent article, I stated that fever does not always need to be treated. In many cases, however, it’s worthwhile to treat fever to help children sleep or prevent them from becoming dehydrated.

There are two situations when parents will have difficulty managing their child’s fever with oral medication. First, if the child is unable to keep the medication down because he is vomiting. Second, if he is being uncooperative and won’t take the medication in the first place.

In general, I don’t use my blog to endorse products. However, parents should know about an over-the-counter medication called FeverAll that will come in handy if their child can’t take acetaminophen by mouth. FeverAll is acetaminophen in suppository form. It’s safe to use and works as well as oral acetaminophen. It is worth having FeverAll in your medicine cabinet in case your child gets sick at night or when it would be difficult to buy the medication on an urgent basis.

FeverAll comes in three doses: 80mg, 120mg and 325 mg. You use the same dose as you would with oral acetaminophen. Directions for inserting suppositories into the rectum are included with the packaging.

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