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The Washington Post is the only national newspaper I know of that has a regular section for kids. In addition to my columns, KidsPost publishes articles on sports, current events, and lots of other subjects. If you click below, you’ll be able to read all of the articles I have written for the paper. You can share them with friends or family members and might even be able to use some of them for school reports.

Gross Stories (for kids of all ages)

In addition to writing books and articles for kids, I love to tell gross stories to my patients. These stories are fun to read and share with your friends. If you have a story that is gross, funny (and true), please send it to me below. You will need your a parent or guardian’s permission.

Kids Post Articles


sad black girl covering mouth

Ever Wonder Why You Burp?

When you drink or eat, swallowed air makes it into your stomach along with whatever else was in your mouth. As your stomach begins to churn, some of the swallowed air rises to the top.


medium coat beige dog

What Causes Dragon Breath?

The human mouth is home to billions of bacteria. These microscopic organisms don’t make you sick, but they grow like weeds on every structure in your mouth: tongue, teeth, gums, cheeks, etc. And like all living things, bacteria produce waste products.


person holding white toilet paper roll

When Was Toilet Paper Invented?

Toilet paper has had an odd history. Do you remember that the Romans invented plumbing thousands of years ago only to be forgotten for centuries? Well, it appears that something similar happened with toilet paper.


cute asian girl drinking milk from glass

Why Do Parents Make You Drink Milk?

They help with homework, cart you all over town and buy you cool stuff on your birthday. So why do they spoil everything by making you eat and drink things you don’t like?