Kids Post Articles

Animals and Nature

Have you ever wondered how dogs say hello? Do you think poop serves any useful purpose? Do animals have to take baths like people do? You will love these articles if you’re interested in animals and nature.

Adventures and History

Have you ever wondered how pirates really died? Or who invented toilet paper? Or how mummies became mummies? These articles explore some of the awesome things that happen in the world, both now and in the past.

Going to the Doctor and Staying Healthy

Have you ever wondered why teenagers get zits? Do throat cultures make you want to barf? Is it really true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Read these articles if you want to learn more about staying healthy and fighting back when you get sick.

The Human Body

Have you ever wondered why you have fingernails? Or why flying can hurt your ears? How come your parents bug you to wear a hat in cold weather? And what’s the deal with earwax? Read these articles to learn more about the fascinating (and gross) human body.