The Best of Medical Humor

A Collection of Articles, Essays, Poetry and Letters Published in the Medical Literature


Humor has been published in medical journals for over a hundred years. Those areas targeted for comic relief include medical school and residency, academia, language, writing and publishing, research, and clinical practice. The collection includes satires, spoofs, letters-to-the-editor and other silliness that pokes fun at doctors, medicine, and healthcare. The material has been selected from a wide range of journals, including JAMA, The Journal of Family Practice, and even The New England Journal of Medicine.


“I can report that medical humor is alive and well as evidenced by a wonderful new book…this is a marvelous collection that pokes fun at physicians and not patients.” —Journal of the American Medical Association”This book is recommended to anyone who needs a smile, a chuckle, a laugh, or a real guffaw.” —Annals of Internal Medicine

“This book is lots of fun and years from now it will still be fun.” —American Journal of Ophthalmology

“Witty, clever, and refreshingly insightful, Bennett’s The Best of Medical Humor delivers a lively message to physicians: we all can laugh, and most of us should do it more often.” —The Journal of Family Practice

“This book is a gem!” —Ambulatory Pediatric Association

“What a delightful experience is was for me to read The Best of Medical Humor…this is a good book to add to your collection.” —Annals of Emergency Medicine

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