The Case of the Wet Bed

The Story

Meet Max. Max Archer, Kid Detective. Max helps kids solve problems. Max’s friend Billy Parker is tired of waking up wet, and wants to figure out how to stop his bedwetting. Max knows how. He used to wet the bed, and he is ready to share his plan for staying dry. Join Max and become part of the Poop Patrol and Stream Team. Plus, be sure to check out the extra fun activities and the Q&A written for parents at the end of the book.

Awards and Reviews

  • 2011 Moonbeam Spirit Award (Gold)
  • 2011 Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family

Max is a detective who likes to “help kids with their problems.” Max relates to Billy’s issue of often waking up in a wet bed; he did not outgrow bedwetting until he “was eleven years old!” The fictional story allows Max to carefully take Billy and readers through this easy-to-read informational book about how to stay dry at night. Bennett strikes the right balance between story and self-help to provide a title whose tone and careful explanations both parents and kids will appreciate. What follows is a clear plan ably complemented by Gerrell’s superb cartoon illustrations of Max and Billy on the case as they investigate the digestive system, how a bladder works and ways to better signal the brain to get up and go. At the back of the book there is extra information about pooping and its impact on bedwetting, a word search about proper foods to eat and a “Q&A About Bedwetting (Just for Parents!)” Even if there were not an alarming dearth of titles on this subject aimed at kids, this would stand out as a most thorough, highly readable resource. —Kirkus Reviews

“Max Archer Kid Detective: The Case of the Wet Bed is a fantastic kids’ self help manual to deal with the problem of bedwetting. Max the detective is a former bedwetter himself, so he understands what his clients are going through. In careful steps and clear, easy-to-follow instructions, Max helps an 8-year old boy named Billy Parker to learn to stay dry at night. Fun illustrations and positive messages like going on Poop Patrol, joining the Stream Team, positive self-programming affirmations all help the program take hold effectively. For the last, the child repeats to himself, ‘If I need to go at night my bladder will hold all of my pee till morning. But if I can’t hold all of my pee I will wake myself up and go to the bathroom (p. 35).’ At the end of the book are extra resources like How to Become a Super Dooper Pooper, a Word Search, and Make Your Own Badges, plus Q & A About Bedwetting (Just For Parents). ‘The Case of the Wet Bed’ is a great tool to assist kids who want to learn to stay dry sooner rather than later.” —Midwest Book Review

“This book is written in a witty, easy to read format with lots of great illustrations and charts to help kids learn. The book is the perfect first step to tackling bedwetting, as it gives kids many practical solutions they can try. If your child is looking to take control of their wetting, but maybe you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and get an alarm, this book provides the first steps to dryness.” 
 —Bedwetting Store

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