The Doctor’s Book of Humorous Quotations


The book presents more than 1,700 jokes, quotes, and one-liners compiled from a variety of sources: medical journals, books, magazines, the Internet, movies, television, remarks made on rounds, and lectures. The text is organized alphabetically allowing readers to browse through the book randomly or focus on particular topics of interest. Subject headings run the gamut from academia and bedside manner to case reports, lawyers, night-call, and turfing to name a few.


“The Doctor’s Book of Humorous Quotations is an easy to use, well-organized book. With this volume, Dr Bennett has established himself as the undisputed champion in the field of medical humor and deserves kudos.” —Journal of the American Medical Association

“Dr. Bennett’s book is a lighthearted counterweight to our daily effort, allowing us to laugh at ourselves, our colleagues, and our profession. The book is also a good source for that fitting joke or quip you might need for a lecture, a toast or a presentation.” Alan Stone, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, The George Washington University Medical Center

“This gem of a book compiled by Dr. Bennett, himself a noted humorist, includes a wide variety of quips, quotes, and jokes that can serve as a lifeline to sanity for stressed-out physicians whether in practice or still in their training years. It should be relished but should also be shared.” —Lugwig A. Lettau, MD, Charleston, SC

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